I got so many compliments about my first Vloggie!! This definitely motivates me to post my second Vlog online! Throwback to a week of snow, hail, missing my best friend Koen because he was in Miami, visiting SEIKO and going on a road trip to Assen with bestie Maxime (and looking like monsters haha)…. Check it out! X

Schermafbeelding 2015-03-14 om 20.20.30

Yesterday was such a pretty day. The sky was clear blue and Spring is finally coming. A good reason to dress up and go for an all the way blue outfit from head to toe. Blonde girls and blue are always a good idea. Can’t imagine a wardrobe without any blue pieces.

I was out with May (community manager at ilovefashionbloggers) and we had to stop here to take some photo’s. She is so good with photography!

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Here it is! My very first Vlog! It’s throwback Thursday so let’s look back on my week of Amsterdam Fashion Week and launch of the new smart! It’s been a while I know…. In january I decided to start vlogging but honestly I was a little shy to upload this on YouTube. It’s TBT today, the perfect moment to share this video and to look back on this crazy week!!

You can see one of my best friends Koen Pieter from She Loves My Brother in this video! Do you already follow him? X